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One of the biggest challenges that event planners face as a whole today is how to personalize the event experience for delegates. The goal of most events is to provide relevant content to each individual, and to make sure they walk away with one or more key messages. The more relevance you can provide and the more personalized your communication is, the more chances you have of achieving that goal.

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Mobile marketing automation – what is it and why care

You are probably familiar with marketing automation, but do you know what it means to add mobile to the equation, and why some of us – myself included – think it’s such a big deal? With “mobile” I mean of course smartphones and tablets, those precious devices that our customers – always connected consumers – can no longer live without. With mobile as a communication channel, we are able to send context-aware messages at the right place and time.

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What’s hot in Mobile Marketing – 5 Trends to Watch

The Mobile App Canvas – a tool to brainstorm around your next mobile app

I’m going to publish a mobile app!

So you’re thinking about publishing a mobile app around your business, your brand or your organization ? That’s great ! In today’s connected world, we use smartphones and tablets in all aspects of our life: we use mobile devices at home, at work, when shopping etc. A mobile app is a unique opportunity to communicate with your audience in a personalized, relevant and interactive manner. And soon, mobile will be the preferred communication channel for your customers, partners, employees, prospects, fans, members or who ever it is that you want to interact with.


Download The Mobile App Canvas here

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