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This article first appeared as guest post on Venturebeat.

By now it’s clear that bots will cause a major paradigm shift in customer service, e-commerce, and, quite frankly, all aspects of software-to-human interaction.

For the moment, the state of the art of bots is bot-to-consumer, meaning bots communicating with humans. But at some point soon, bots will start talking to other bots. Enter the bot-to-bot era.

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Mobile marketing automation – what is it and why care

You are probably familiar with marketing automation, but do you know what it means to add mobile to the equation, and why some of us – myself included – think it’s such a big deal? With “mobile” I mean of course smartphones and tablets, those precious devices that our customers – always connected consumers – can no longer live without. With mobile as a communication channel, we are able to send context-aware messages at the right place and time.

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What’s hot in Mobile Marketing – 5 Trends to Watch

The segment of one

Without any doubt, we are in exciting times when it comes to online marketing. In a few years time, marketing managers have seen the shift from classic display advertising such as banners, to targeted campaigns based on user segments. But it did not stop there, behavioral targeting, real-time bidding (RTB) and other new technologies have opened up unique opportunities to reach customers online.
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