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Make it personal! Using Big Data for Context-Aware Communication on events

One of the biggest challenges that event planners face as a whole today is how to personalize the event experience for delegates. The goal of most events is to provide relevant content to each individual, and to make sure they walk away with one or more key messages. The more relevance you can provide and the more personalized your communication is, the more chances you have of achieving that goal.

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How to use an Event App to Capture Leads and Get Some Attendee Love

This article first appeared as a guest post on the Marketo blog.

As part of your overall marketing efforts, you’ve probably had to organize an event, such as a conference or a seminar. Events are unique opportunities to meet new people and get new leads, but they also allow you to capture product interests from visiting prospects.

Obviously, hosting an event is a major investment of time and resources, and it can be a challenge to get the highest return on your investment. You have a limited period of time to talk with as many people as possible, and the chances are that you’ll end up missing out on a lot of valuable lead information. So, until cloning yourself becomes a viable option, a mobile app for your event might be the perfect solution.

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